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Ashmont Secondary School serves; the rural County of St. Paul, Saddle Lake and Whitefish (Goodfish Lake) Indian Reserves. The Hamlet of Ashmont has a population of about one hundred people. The school population is about 290 and most students arrive by bus.

At Ashmont Secondary School, we strive to prepare students for lifelong learning by developing a foundation of basic knowledge and skills as well as enhancing their learning environment with meaningful experiences and extensive field trips.

Ashmont staff consists of 19 full time teachers, 17 instructional assistants, 1 Family School Liaison Worker(FSLW) 1 Native Liaison Worker/Cree Instructor , 1 head secretary, a full time clerical secretary, and a library assistant. The administration consists of a principal and one Assistant Principal. The custodial services are the responsibility of a head caretaker and 5 cleaners and are coordinated by the Central Office Operations and Maintenance Department in consultation with the principals. Division busses and independent contractors from Saddle Lake and Goodfish provide transportation services.




At Ashmont Secondary, we believe in holistic education that encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of self. Our mission is to create an environment that enables all students to work toward mastery of grade level skills. We commit to a comprehensive system of support to promote student success and a high graduation rate.




We envision a school that:

  • Is welcoming and promotes individual confidence

  • Nurtures and guides students’ natural desire to learn

  • Broadens horizons in a safe, accepting, and respectful atmosphere

  • Provides academic, creative, and athletic programs of the highest caliber

  • Celebrates the success of its students

  • Maintains a clean, caring, inclusive, and harmonious environment

  • Displays Falcon pride


We envision a diverse body of students who:

  • Identify, value and pursue their dreams and talents

  • Work diligently to master their numeracy, literacy, creative, and technological competencies that will empower them to be successful in life

  • Are resourceful, independent learners and creative thinkers who can effectively solve problems

  • Make informed choices in the pursuit of a balanced, healthy lifestyle

  • Take personal responsibility for their choices and actions

  • Are respectful

  • Cooperate with people in authority

  • Feel empowered to participate in school life or in decision making

  • Take pride in themselves, their school, and their environment


We envision teaching that:

  • Provides a common strong curriculum complimented with a variety of elective courses and co-curricular activities

  • Recognizes that each student has unique gifts that need to be identified and nurtured

  • Is well-planned to accommodate varied student learning styles and abilities

  • Is creative, engaging, challenging, motivating, and interactive helps students become creative, independent learners

  • Stresses thinking, sharing, and questioning to prepare students for a lifelong journey of learning

  • Varies in assessment practices that are fair, balanced and that reflect what we teach


We envision staff who:

  • Take pride in their professional skills and who have an ongoing commitment to learning

  • Collaborate through the use of professional learning communities in the best interests of students

  • Are caring, supportive, positive, and nurturing

  • Are sensitive to and respectful of individual differences

  • Take pride in the school and contribute to overall excellence

  • Voice concerns in a professional manner, through appropriate channels of communication, and who will respect the decisions of the administration


We envision school administrators who:

  • Empower staff and students to be active partners in education and school operations

  • Serve all and encourage leadership to be shared by all

  • Are supportive, fair, honest, open, consistent and flexible, yet firm and decisive when necessary

  • Have vision and focus

  • Communicate clear expectations

  • Foster collaboration and support professional development

  • Are effective liaisons between students, teachers, parents and central office

  • Are committed to focusing on high academic standards

  • Lead by example


We envision community support that:

  • Is committed to the long term success of the school and takes pride in the accomplishments and achievements of all

  • Is informed of and who will support school policies, programs and initiatives for improvement

  • Feels welcomed and valued to share and participate in learning

  • Uses the Parent Advisory Council and other appropriate avenues of communication to be active partners in student learning

  • Advocates at a local, provincial, and federal level on behalf of the school.




We believe:

  • Education respects and reflects linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity;

  • Learning is life-long;

  • Parents are the primary educators with support from the school and community;

  • All educational decisions are learner-centered;

  • Individuals learn best in a safe, supportive, and caring environment;

  • All individuals have the right and responsibility to maximize their potential.




Because students are the core of our school We Value:


Respect and we will nurture honesty, integrity, respect, and empathy in our school community.

Collaboration and we will work together to create a positive learning environment that fosters academic achievement and development of the individual gifts we are given.

Numeracy and Literacy and we will encourage the mastery of student literacy and numeracy strategies and skills.

Balanced Healthy Lifestyle and we will promote the pursuit of excellence in the arts, athletics, technological competencies and life skills.

Safe and Caring Environment and we will ensure every student is educated in an emotionally supportive and physically safe environment.

Home School Relations and we will encourage parental involvement to strengthen the partnership between school and community.

Differentiation and we will recognize that each student has individual learning needs and use a variety of strategies to address those needs.

Diligence and we will encourage students to become creative and critical thinkers who work hard and steadily in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

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Ashmont Secondary School

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